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Texas has the 5th highest drunk driving rate

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

A new study has revealed that Texas has the 5th highest drunk driving rate in the nation. Texas received a DUI Severity Score of 64.4. As a result, the state is on the list just behind Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and North Dakota. This came after published stats showed a 12.2% increase in recorded DUI fatalities.

Last year was deadly for Texas drivers

The year 2021 was a tragic one for many drivers in Texas. This was a year that saw the highest number of drunk driving accidents recorded in several decades.

The high DUI Severity Score for Texas was calculated by the number of DUI arrests per 100,000 drivers and DUI fatalities per 100,000 drivers. Other factors included the number of DUI road fatalities versus all road fatalities as well as the combined total number of DUI road fatalities.

The result was yet another high placing on the list for one of the nation’s largest and most populous states. Even though Texas does not have a very high DUI arrest rate, it definitely has one of the nation’s highest DUI death rates. The discrepancy between these two figures is a source of worry for many experts.

Rising alcohol sales may be to blame

Some experts have blamed the rising number of DUI fatalities on the higher amounts of alcohol that were sold during the recent pandemic. This was a time during which the rate of DUI fatalities among people aged 25 to 34 increased by a very high rate.

Measures are being taken by authorities to bring down the number of crashes and fatalities related to alcohol. Many are mulling over whether to put the emphasis on driver education or increased penalties for DWI and DUI arrests. Meanwhile, fatal crashes continue to happen on Texas roads.