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Skilled Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, then you need a respected criminal attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and your future. The lawyers of Gurski Law Firm stand ready to assist our clients with any criminal allegation whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

If you or a loved-one has been arrested or charged with a crime in Galveston County, Texas, please call the lawyers at Gurski Law Firm at 409-359-8969 for your free consultation. We help all Texans charged with the following offenses:

Our lawyers represent clients throughout Southeast Texas including Galveston, Chambers and Harris Counties.

Fighting DWI Charges To Protect Your Future

Most encounters with the police can be scary enough, but imagine how scary it can be when you are pulled out of your car and ordered to perform field sobriety tests. A DWI charge in Galveston County, requires an experienced DWI lawyer to help you with your case. Our experienced DWI lawyer has prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanor and felony DWI cases.

If this is your first arrest for DWI, the police may charge you with a Class B Misdemeanor DWI or with Class A Misdemeanor DWI if your breath or blood results in a blood alcohol content above a .15. If this is your second arrest for DWI and you have previously been convicted of a DWI, you will more than likely be charged with a DWI with a previous conviction. There are also felony-level DWIs which include being charged with DWI 3rd or a DWI with a child passenger under the age of 16.

If you have been arrested for a DWI, call the law offices of Gurski Law Firm today to speak with attorney Patrick Gurski. There are few charges where you should immediately get a lawyer and DWI is one of them—especially if you refused a breath or blood test. In those cases your driver’s license will be automatically suspended and you have only 30 days from the date of your arrest to contest that suspension. This is a critical time and you need an expert to represent you at your ALR hearing.

Intoxication Assault And Intoxication Manslaughter

If you are in a serious car wreck and someone winds up dead or hurt, and the police suspect you have been drinking, you can be charged with Intoxication Assault or Intoxication Manslaughter. These serious felonies require an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer to defend. These cases often involve the same complicated issues as DWIs, but also involve accident reconstruction experts and detailed medical evidence. Patrick has tried both types of cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney and stands ready to assist you with your defense.

How We Protect Against Drug Crime Charges

Drugs are ever-present in our neighborhoods, schools and families. Very few Americans are left untouched by the presence of drugs in our community. While some people may look down on these charges, those who have dealt with the scourge of drugs know that anyone can be taken over by addiction. Other times, people have just made a one-time mistake that will forever leave a stain on their record. Don’t let this happen to you or a loved one!

Whether you or a loved one is charged with a drug crime, the lawyers at Gurski Law Firm are ready to help you with your case. Whether you are charged with simple possession or with drug dealing, our lawyers are here to help. As a former prosecutor, Patrick has prosecuted and tried all types of drug cases from possession to manufacture and delivery of controlled substances. Many times, small-time addicts who sell to other addicts can be charged and labeled as “drug dealers.” This is rarely the case, and our lawyers understand the difficulty that addiction brings.

Have You Been Charged With Possession Of Marijuana?

While some drugs such as marijuana are becoming increasingly decriminalized around the country, the possession of marijuana, even for personal use, is still a crime in the State of Texas. As a former prosecutor, Galveston drug lawyer Patrick Gurski can you help you if you are charged with misdemeanor or felony possession of marijuana. Call 409-359-8969 to learn more or reach out to Mr. Gurski online for help.