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Drug charges in Texas can affect you ability to get a job

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If you have been charged with drug possession in Texas, you may wonder if it will affect your ability to get a new job. Although that answer generally is yes, you can do several things to lessen the potential effect of a drug charge or conviction on your record.

Types of drug charges

Generally, drug charges fall into two categories: possession for personal use and possession with the intent to distribute. A charge for possession of a small amount of marijuana or a controlled substance is usually far less serious than if you’re caught with many drugs that you intend to sell to someone. While some employers may not care about a minor drug charge that shows up on a background check, others will, so it’s often in your best interest to fight the charges or reduce them. Doing so is especially important if the possession charge is your first one.

Going to court can benefit you if you are not convicted. Among the outcomes are:

• The charges are dropped or dismissed.

• You are sentenced to a diversion program, with the charges dropped upon successful completion.

• You go to drug court, where you complete a program, and the charges are dropped.

• You agree to a plea bargain for lesser or dropped charges.

How criminal defense can work in your favor

Not all drug possession charges are legitimate. A sound criminal defense strategy will attempt to show that police or another individual may have set you up or that the drugs were obtained by illegal search ad seizure.

In other situations, going through a structured program might be your best alternative, especially with regard to getting employment. You should also remain aware that federal drug charges are usually more severe than state charges and carry heavier sentences.