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Is change coming for marijuana in Texas?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Texas has long had a reputation as a strict law and order state. However, as sentiment about marijuana changes across the nation, some jurisdictions in Texas are starting to mellow, too. In some parts of North Texas, whether or not someone is busted for weed is becoming an issue of officer discretion.

What’s legal in Texas?

In recent years, laws have changed the status of the cannabis plant in Texas. Hemp and CBD are now permitted in the state. Marijuana is still illegal. However, when it comes to small amounts for personal use, some parts of Texas are starting to lighten up.

Partly, this is because of the shutdowns that began in 2020. It would have been imprudent to incarcerate a lot of people for a victimless crime. Things haven’t really gone back to normal yet. It seems this change to the way drug charges work may be permanent.

Another reason is the racial disparity that tends to occur with marijuana arrests. In 2020, many people started to focus on equity among all Texas residents. In response, some Texas towns and cities are revisiting the harsh way they traditionally handled marijuana arrests

Today, some police departments in North Texas are issuing tickets for small amounts of marijuana. In other places, officers have discretion and can let people off with a warning. But that’s not true everywhere, at least not yet.

If you or a loved one has been brought up on drug charges in Texas, you need good advice. Finding an experienced attorney to help with the case is important.